Singularity Project

Shell Rules

1. Any and all decisions by the admin are final and uncontestable.
2. The admin reserves the right to remove anyone, at any time, for any reason.
3. These rules may be changed or modified at any time.
4. You will not be notified of changes - always check here for updates.
5. No cracking - of our servers, or any others.
6. No attempts to elevate your privileges.
7. Do not use you account to harrass or attack others.
8. No activity that would attract a DOS/DDOS to this server.
9. No activity that could result with a shell ip being blacklisted.
10. Do not ask silly questions already answered on the website.
11. You are obligated to report any known violation of these rules.
12. All incoming ports are blocked.
13. No multi-user irc bouncers - bnc, psybnc and etc..
14. No irc bots - eggdrop and etc...
15. If you are running multi-user irc bouncers or irc bots YOU WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY!
16. No game servers or shoutcast server permited.
17. No high load processes (memory, cpu and disk space).
18. We do not guarantee that server will be up and functioning 100% of the time.