Singularity Project

05 Jan 2012 - We are accepting new users. Please be patient,
when you are requesting new shell. The approval can take to 4-5 days.
07 Jan 2008 - All existing users before 01 Jan 2008 - please, re-register
12 Jan 2008 - Login via ssh to port 22 !!!

Singularity Project is a part of FS Net. The main idea of it is to
provide *nix accounts (shells) for FREE.

Main benefits:
Operating system: Linux
Quota: 50 Mb
IRC access: Yes
Services/programs: gcc, cc, perl, php, python, BitchX, pico, emacs, lynx, wget and .....
Background processes allowed: Yes, but NOT psyBNC, Eggdrop, BNC

How to create account (Free account): Register Now

You can help us: Donate Now

Ban list: Check

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